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Arc Flash Is Code For Complete Safety Requirements

The arc flash is a recognized hazard by the OSHA. Today, regulations are in place to ensure and encourage all stakeholders to proceed with a recognized arc flash hazard analysis risk management program and its materials at regular intervals and in line with the business being carried out. Through regular risk management and arc flash inspection risks are mitigated on the industrial site or premises. The program entails the measurement of the amount of energy being generated during an arc flash incident.

The collated information is, of course, essential to help keep affected employees safe while working. The need for ongoing arc flash monitoring cannot be stressed often enough. Every thirty minutes or so hazardous injuries as a consequence of electrical incidents are caused in the commercial and industrial work place. Typical and harmful injuries as a result of such accidents are eye damage, loss of hearing, skin damage and breathing problems.

Such injuries occur so quickly, the victim has no chance of reacting and venturing towards safety. The arc flash occurs that quickly. It occurs within fractions of a second. The arc flash incident arises as a result of an electrical explosion emanating from low impedance connections to ground or other voltage phases within an electrical system. There is more than enough electrical energy in the electrical arc to cause significant personal injury, property damage and fire.

Not only are human injuries a tragic consequence of unchecked arc flash hazards, loss of income and business downtime can have devastating consequences for those handlers who are ill-prepared. Repairs to premises and property and the possible replacement of staff can be quite costly. As they always say, it is better to be carefully prepared for all eventualities. It is better than the shock of your life.